Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm one of "those" people now.

I'm one of those people now.

Actually, you know what's worse? Not only have I become one of those special diet regimen people, but I can't even tell you what I call it, and living in Los Angeles I feel very cliche. I'm not Vegan or Vegetarian or Pescatarian. So what is it? When it comes to meat, I only eat organic, preferably local farm raised. I know! I already sound pretentious. To top it off I plan to only eat organic with everything else too, it's just my wallet won't allow that just yet. For now I've basically been eating vegetarian everywhere but home, and even at home I find that I'm happy with only eating meat every so often, not all the time. So I'm not somethingarian, but more so something weirdian.

See, to me it's not about eating meat vs not. In the end, I believe in evolution and I think the high-protein meat diet we've had as humans, thanks to the tool making abilities that made us excellent hunters, played a key factor in our brain development and us staying ahead of other species on the evolutionary ladder. And I don't believe it's wrong that things eat each other. Nature repeats this everywhere. I mean even extreme vegans talk about raw foods containing more "life force", and that's the thing, in the end it's all an energy exchange. To me life is life and even though plants are more abundant and a lot less like us than animals, it's still a living thing that we want to consume for the energy exchange. Yeah, I get it though, animals can be cuter.

If you're thinking wtf, how'd this even come about in the 1st place? I staycationed for a bit and watched too many documentaries about our food and the result has been this. 

I don't want to eat food created in that unsustainable factory environment that has become the norm. You know, I now despise Monsanto. A company that has exhibited anti-competitive and unfair pricing practices with farmers. This is a company out to *own the food we grow. Google them and right now the first entry is a link to their site and the text reads "If there were one word to explain what Monsanto is about, it would have to be farmers.".  I laughed. Of course, money talks and not getting as much money as they wanted made them change their tune a little bit recently, but that's because the word was out. Word coming from dissatisfied farmers that didn't buy their new seed products this year and made them fall short of projections. Their shareholders I'm sure didn't care for that.

Put aside the bullying of small farmers using the kind of deep pockets and lawyers Monsanto has, and I still don't care for what they're selling. And they just deal mostly with corn (our highly subsidized crop here in the US, hello high-fructose corn syrup!) and soy, but in general I don't want to support the system of food grown using pesticides that pests only become more resistant to and so more and more pesticide has to be used. Specially because the alternative is what has worked for years upon years! More and more pesticides isn't going to lead to safer food.

I also don't want meat from animals that are mistreated and pumped full of hormones. Animals that swim in their own filth because of the factory environment they're in.

I know too much about where my food comes from and so I feel the need to push for change. The great thing about money though is that if consumers demand that their food be organic and refuse anything else, then that's what they'll sell us. As I said before, money does talk. Imagine organic farms being the ones subsidized in order to make quality organic food affordable for everyone.

I feel kind of silly with my diet, but at the same time I'm really happy and my body is showing me it likes it too. And you know what, if I go to your barbecue I think cheating on my diet will not make our world crumble. What I eat is such a miniscule stamp. I can change things a lot more by acquiring wealth and using it to build a more sustainable system. I won't be one of "those" people; the prick lecturing you or making you feel guilty about what you're eating by not eating anything. Actually, If it's not rude I'll bring some farm raised organic to contribute. And if I have to eat what I've eaten most of my life anyways in order to not be a shitty guest, I think in that scenario it's better to swallow my pride a little while I swallow your grilled masterpiece. And of course, if we had the same dietary principles, your barbecue is my kind of barbecue and we better come up with a name for this diet!

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