Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My screen saver says bloggers suck.

It says it right there. Thank you iTunes screen saver setting for the shits and giggles. If bloggers do suck, well.. looks like you've stepped in it now. No, no, carry on reading then. Ingest the suckuledge of Bloggers. Uh.. blogger. Or actually, go ahead and skip to the ending then. \Or just keep reading and see where this takes you. Cuz you know, from the beginning, it said it right there. My action is mocked, and yet I carried on amusing you with tales of a musing, of not faking it even when it sucks, of approaching things organically. And I do. This is the part where I skip the BS of how I learned the lesson and say blogging only sucks when and if it does and feel happiness in thinking…and you just skipped to the ending! Lazy fuck. 

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